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Q. How Do I Sign Up For A Meal Plan?

For students all you need to do is go to your Student Banner Account and fill out the Meal Plan Application. If you need any further assistance please contact our Customer Service Department. For UTM Faculty and Staff stop by our Customer Service Desk for assistance in signing up for your meal plan.

Q. As a Freshman, what meal plans may I choose from?

All incoming freshmen with 30 earned hours or less when entering the University are required to purchase a meal plan for each of their first TWO (2) semesters.  Transfer students with less than 30 earned credit hours are also required to purchase a meal plan for TWO (2) semesters. Freshmen may choose from Carte Blanche, 15 Meals Per Week, 10 Meals Per Week, 5 Meals per week, or 70 Block Meal Plans.

Q. What do I receive with my meals in the Skyhawk Dining Hall?

The Skyhawk Dining Hall is “all-you-care-to-eat” for every meal, seven days a week.  We welcome you to eat as much as you wish, but we do encourage you to think healthy.  Take only what you can eat, and you are always welcome to come back for seconds.  You also receive a cool “Enviromug” with your meal plan for use of refills and to-go drinks during meal periods in the Dining Hall

Q. Will my missed meals during the week carry over?
No!  If you miss a meal during the week or do not eat all of the meals (Carte Blanche, 15, 10, or 5) you are entitled to within any given week, the meal(s) WILL NOT carry over into the following week.  Meal periods run from Monday morning to Sunday evening. Any meals not eaten during that week are not transferable or refundable. The 70-Block meal plan offers students a number of meals for the entire semester with no weekly limits. Any meals not used at semester's end will not carry over to the following semester.

Q. What is Captain's Cash?
Captain’s Cash is the declining balance part of your meal plan that can be spent at the customer’s option in all dining operations.  It operates very much like a check book or a debit card balance.   As the money is spent in places such as the Food Court, the Convenience Store, Simply•to•go, and Captain’s Coffee, the purchases are subtracted from the beginning balance.  Your Captain’s Cash can also be used in the Dining Hall in addition to the meal portion of your meal plan.

Q. Does my Captain's Cash carry over at semester's end?
Yes!  Any Captain’s Cash not used at the end of the fall or first semester will “roll over” to the spring or second semester upon the purchase of a meal plan for the second semester.  However, Captain’s Cash is non- refundable.  Any Captain’s Cash will be lost if not used by the end of the school year or second semester..

Q. Are Take-Out Meals Allowed In The Skyhawk Dining Hall?
Take-Out meals are permitted at all meal periods. Take-out meals consist of one (1) entrée and four (4) sides. We are a Styrofoam free dining facility: therefore eco-friendly carry out containers are available for purchase at the Skyhawk Café cash registers. Sitting in the Dining Hall with a carry out container is not permitted. You must exit the Dining Hall with a carry out container.

Q. Are there any food options for my special needs?
Yes!  Special needs such as dietary, religion, work, or class conflicts should be brought to the attention of our Customer Service Desk.  We will do whatever we can to assist you.

Q. Can anyone else use my meal plan?
NO! All students must use their own valid Skyhawk Card to dine. However, if you have the 70-Block meal plan, you can invite a guest to dine with you and use one of your remaining block meals for payment.

Q. Will my meal plan be active during University Holiday Closings or Breaks?
Captain's Cash will be accepted at any location that remains open during breaks. The meal portion of your meal plan will not be accepted in the Skyhawk Café. These breaks include: Labor Day, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Holiday Break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Spring Break, and Good Friday

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